Monday, 3 January 2011

I wish, I wish, upon a star......

......that it was only Christmas Eve so far......

.....I really wish it was only Christmas Eve and we could do everything again! I'm currently sitting in my little flat, looking at my wonky christmas tree and thinking about how wonderful the festive season was this time round. I guess thrown into the mix is the dreaded "I REAAALLLLY don't wanna go back to work" feeling. Yeah, I'm not too enthusastic about setting my alarm for an hour earlier tonight :-(

One of my goals for 2011 is to consult my cookbooks more. I currently have many fabulous vegan recipe books but haven't put them to optimal use yet. I plan to try and make 2 new recipes per week in 2011. The ones for this week shall be "Quinoa salad with sundried tomatoes" and "Broccoli-stuffed tomatoes", both from "Everyday Vegan" by Jeani-Rose Atchison. Will let you know how they turn out :-)

Ok....I'll leave this post as a short one as I'd better get myself ready for work tomorrow. I always have the WORST nights sleep on the last night of a holiday so I guess hitting the sack early wouldn't do any harm.

Night everyone x x

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  1. I TOTALLY know the feeling... I have mixed emotions about getting back to the grind: on one hand, staying busy is great for my state of mind but on the other, I sort of LOVE having an excuse to just veg. Ah, life. Happy belated birthday :)