Monday, 10 January 2011

Salad Gleek :-)

Hi guys. I write this post from the familiar comfort of my sofa having just eaten this simple salad. I was totally craving salad! I hope you all had a good Monday. I've had a lovely day, despite the fact that it started with a whole lotta cleaning! Yep....that's right...I got up early and made a long list of "to dos". Take rubbish out - check. File all paperwork - check. Iron huge pile of clothes on chair - check. Do more washing - check. Sort out spare room.....still on with that task! My spare room has been nicknamed "the dump room". One little room, one big job on my hands to sort it out! Phew! aside, I ventured into town to meet one of my best friends. We had starbucks americanos with sugar free vanilla syrup and a dollop of foamy milk on the top :-) You can't beat starbucks and friend chats.

Whilst on a caffiene high, I shopped for gifts for the friends that are coming to visit me on Saturday (girls night - woop woop!). I bought cute ice cream dishes and quirky fondue sets for them :-) Happy with my gifts, I headed to the gym and filled in time on the elliptical before zumba class. It was an amazing class tonight with lots of new routines. Lurve <3 I'm snuggled on my sofa, cup of hazelnut low cal cocoa in one hand, typing with the other and Glee playing on tv - Emma is a happy bunny :-)

Much love to all xoxo


  1. I can't wait to try out Zumba! Do you like it?

    Haha sounds like a good night! I've recorded Glee and am gonna enjoy it tomorrow! :D

  2. To my English rose: I've awarded the Stylish Blogger Award. I love hearing about your adventures in the kitchen. Keep it up, lovey :)

  3. Vegan Summer Berry Ice Cream?! This is a must try for me thanks so much for sharing this! :)