Monday, 17 January 2011

Chocolate Dreams and Fab Friends :-)


Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great start to your week. My lack of posts in the last few days were a sure sign that this gal was one busy bee!

I had such a great weekend :-) I had some friends stay over on Saturday night. Girls nights rule! We had wine, I made DIY fajitas and we chatted about the most random of things :-s

Friday night's meal was very "student days". I'm not one for pasta usually - like I said, it takes me back to my days as a poor student. Well on this occasion, I really fancied a simple pasta dish so I added vegan pesto, chopped tomatoes, sweetcorn and peppers to some wholewheat penne. Hit the spot after a long run :-)

On a more chocolatey soon as I read Angela's Choc Almond Butter recipe, I knew I just had to give it a go....

Almonds + vitamix

Good quality dark choccie + a bit of coconut oil = melty deliciousness :-) :-)

Whizz em all together

Three words......yum, Yum and YUM!! :-)
I dipped strips of wholemeal pitta into the spread......and scraped the chocolate bowl with clementine segments. Soooo good!

Check out Angela is fab and her recipes will rock your socks off!! Go make this!
Much love


  1. glad you had a fun weekend! my bestie is coming friday for lunch with her baby.=)

    chocolate almond butter sounds amaaazing!

    question: did you blend those almonds with a dry blade? i just have the one vitamix canister and i'm wondering if i can blend walnuts in there...

  2. haha, girls rule ;) Nothing beats girl chat over wine! Chocolate almond butter looks yummy, I remember Angela making it!

    Pure2raw twins

  3. ahh yum! I have made my own almond butter, but never chocolate! I saw Angela's post too and wanted to make some!