Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Vegan Summer Berry Ice Cream

Even though the ground is frosted outside, Summer returned to my kitchen this evening, when I whipped up a vegan berry ice cream in the Vita-Mix. I served it with some almond flakes and fresh fruit. Just the job!

Summer Berry Ice-Cream
- 1 cup of frozen berries
- 1 cup of ice cubes
- 1 cup of soya yoghurt
- a splash of almond milk
- a squirt of any sweetener if desired (I didn't use any sweetener as the berries were fine and dandy!)
- fresh berries/nuts/sauce/whipped soy cream to serve - pick and mix your toppings to enjoy a variety of combinations :-)

My boyfriend and I had mini bowls of this summery dessert whilst parked in front of the TV, discussing where to hang a newly bought painting. I actually bought the picture as a gift for a friend but couldn't part with it in the end! Oops!

Today also marked my first outdoor run since the start of our snowy period in November.....and what a fantastic run it was. I downloaded an app on my iPhone that turns it into a GPS tracker, providing details on your speed, distance, pace, route....it's so great! It really helped to keep me motivated and keep track of my distance. I did a killer 7.3 miles, averaging at 8.57mph. I was a sweaty mess when I got home!

What type of runner are you? Speed or long distance? I'd rather run a marathon than do sprints up and down the sportshall....I hate sprints!

Anyway.....off to read a few bloggies and then sleeeeeeeeeeep!
Much love xoxo


  1. oh YUM! are those grapes?

    i am a 'run only when someone is chasing you' kind of runner.=) i do like to walk briskly, though.

    when i ran in high school, i liked sprinting better.

    sweet dreams! xoxo

  2. That looks wonderful.
    Running in place while doing a Tabatas workout is my kind of running and running after our two year old...little stinker can out run me at times--in the house that is.
    Peace & Raw Health,

  3. That ice cream looks divine! I want a vita-mix SO bad... I'm more of a slow and steady wins the race sort of girl when it comes to running- Went to high tea today and thought of you- twas delicious! :)

  4. the color for that is great; what a beautiful dessert! (//healthy snack or meal or whatever)

    Thank you for your lovely comment!
    This ice cream looks great, I made a version with nut milk and strawbs+bananas, kinda the same? ALSO. the fact that you run in the winter is amazing. I've been doing nightly jogs through the snow in my combat boots, it's really serene going out late at night, the snow makes it really quiet. I was wondering, do you have an after workout snack that you eat slash swear by?

    -Amy :)

  6. Can I have your Vita-Mix pretty please? My blender belongs in a museum it's that old! :P

    Wooow well don on the killer run! :D