Friday, 31 December 2010

Birthday fun then the year is done!


I just wanted to wish everyone an early HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Have fun celebrating tonight, enjoy some time with your loved ones and a glass or two of vino ;-)

It's actually my birthday today and I've had a lovely time. A killer gym workout, followed by lunch and a glass of sparkly stuff with my best friends and then boyfriend time :-) I'm typing this as boyf is in the bathroom makng his face baby soft. Woop woop for non-prickly new year kisses!!! :-) Actually....he's just making himself respectable before we head off for new years dinner with my parents!

I hope 2011 is amazing for you all!

Much love
x x x


  1. Happy New year and happy birthday to you beautiful!! Sending lots of hugs your way! Cheers to a great 2011!!

    Pure2raw Twins