Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Broccoli stuffed tomatoes and first day back

Hi guys!

How is everyone today? I'm pretty good considering I had "first day back" syndrome last night. There's always something comforting about getting back into a routine I guess. Anyway.....I just had a wonderful dinner, adapted from "Everyday Vegan". A light and nutritious meal that would be great as a starter if you used one tomato per person.

This recipe called for fresh basil but the shop was void of all varieties of fresh herb. I used vegan basil pesto instead and it was a tasty substitution...in fact if I made this dish again, I'd probably still use pesto!

Broccoli Stuffed Tomatoes
- 1tsp olive oil
- broccoli
- 1tbsp vegan pesto
- 1 medium onion
- 2 large tomatoes
- vegan or regular cheese to melt on the top if desired

- the insides of the scooped out tomatoes
- olive oil
- cider vinegar
- salt and pepper to taste

This was absolutely SCRUMMY! I'd deffo make it again. Dead easy too!

After my dinner and a super sweaty workout at the gym, I'm currently relaxing on the sofa. PJs - check. Huge fluffy socks - check. Cherry-cinnamon tea - check :-) I'm one happy bunny :-)

love and hugs


  1. These look heavenly!!

    Enjoy your evening :)
    Pure2raw twins

  2. Ooh looks delicious! I'd love to make these soon! :)

  3. Those look great. I am going to adpat your recipe into Raw Stuffed Tomatoes.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Peace & Happy New Year!

  4. hehe, you're so cute! cherry-cinnamon tea?! i need some!=)