Sunday, 30 January 2011

On the move

Hi y'all!
How's your weekend been? I've been feeling kinda "Bleurgh". A little low on energy, tired and just a little out of sorts....but hey, we all get days like that :-)

I'm currently sipping on a coffee with amaretto syrup, made by my gorgeous boyfriend. We've had a lazy kinda day, only leaving the house for a couple of hours to have a look around the local shopping centre. I'm currently feeling quietly content wrapped in a blanket, pressed up against the radiator :-)

My last couple of hours have been spent creating a new blog. I'm moving over to wordpress, just to see how things go on that side of the fence :-) I made a resolution to myself to blog more and experiment more in the kitchie...and that is what I shall do! I got the urge to turn over a new blog leaf....come and see me at To the few girlies that drop by regularly, I love ya loads and hope to see you in wordpress world!

Big hugs to all

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