Tuesday, 18 January 2011

4 Things.....

Here goes.....

4 TV shows I watch

- Friends

- The Inbetweeners

- The Hills

- Any Attenbrough wildlife programme

4 things i'm passionate about

- running

- dancing - especially ballet

- healthy eating/raw and vegan cookery

- helping my patients at work

4 things I learnt form the past

- talk to people - don't bottle up your worries

- take a break now and again and say no sometimes

- things don't have to be perfect

- eating is not something to be feared or feel shameful about - eating healthy, norishing food keeps me happy and healthy

4 things I did yesterday

- took a zumba class

- found brown rice syrup and coconut flour in the health store (and proceeded to get very
excited about this!)

- saw a whole tree full of waxwing birds - a rare site

- met my boyfriend for lunch after my workout was cut short by a powercut in the gym

4 things I'm looking forward to

- seeing "Black Swan"

- getting married and having children

- trying out some vibrams on a sandy beach run

- seeing my man!

4 things I'm craving

- a run

- a rainbow salad

- a good book

- peace at work

4 places I'd like to visit

- Canada

- Anywhere in America!

- Fiji

- New Zealand

4 things I love about Winter

- bright, snowy days

- running in the snow

- going out for a winter drive with my man and his camera

- cosy nights in under my fleece blanket


  1. Awww, great to learn more about you!!

    Pure2raw twins

  2. Wonderful post. This will be fun for you to look back on in years to come.
    What type of work do you do?
    Peace & Raw Health,
    Elizabeth (Mommy & Registered Dental Hygienist)

  3. I love the 4 things posts!

    Ah, Zumba! I can't wait to go on Sunday! :)