Sunday, 19 December 2010

Christmas trees and mince pies....priceless :-)

Hi Guys!
How are y'all? :-) Writing this blog marks, for me, the end of a wonderful Sunday. I started the day with a clean up of the flat and then headed to the gym for a fab workout. Hills on the treadmill and a spinning class :-) Just what I needed.

Then I met up with my man and we had a long lunch in a local organic cafe. Soooo nice! I love just sitting, chatting and holding hot mugs of tea. Then.....we finally got our christmas tree :-) We were the last customers of the whole year and we turned the last little christmas tree into something to be proud of. We drank mulled wine and I made a batch of traditional mince pies for my boyfriend to enjoy in his lunchboxes. They were a hit!

To round up we decided to watch "Priceless" with Audrey Tatou in it. It was fab! I love a good movie night!

Are you all feelinig christmassy yet? I'm definately feeling more festive after today :-)

x x x

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