Friday, 6 August 2010

Breakfast cookies, Tofu tricks and Zumbalicious!!!

Hi guys!

I've kinda dodged blogworld this week because I've been feeling kinda BLEURGH! Just one of those weeks I guess.

Dinner tonight was baked chilli tofu, sweet tater, romaine, spinach and santini tomatoes. Just what Emma ordered :-)

Anyway, it's Friday now and boy have I got the Friday feeling! You can't beat it! One of my fave blogs is Gina you rock! As a proud Fitnessista follower I decided to jump on the breakfast cookie bandwagon and came up with these babies!

Wednesday's goji berry hemp cookie and Thursday's blueberry surprise :-) Result! Totally loved them - so inventive and a change from my usual morning eats.

I also have to admit something.....I'm addicted to Zumba. It's week two and I'm hooked. Zumba makes me smile (and sweat a lot!). As soon as I come out of one class I look forward to the next....simple pleasures eh? Oh and thanks for that one too Gina :-)

What's your favourite workout? I love anything where you can prance around to good tunes. Dance, aerobics and, of course, Zumba ;-)


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