Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Freezer cookies and Smiles :-)

I hope you're all having a wonderful day......I would class the majority of my day shall I put it....AWFUL!! You know when lots of things happen and you can't believe they've all happened at once? Well that's how it's been.....but hey, I couldn't control or prevent any of them so what's a girl to do? Well I know what I did....I made some of Pure2Raws' freezer cookies and did a mad cleaning blitz in the flat! Result? The scrummiest little bundles of nutty goodness I've tasted in ages and sparkling floors ;-)If you happen to find yourself wondering what to do with some pumpkinseed butter then try some of these babies! I added a little hemp protein powder and used some "Sweet Freedom" natural sweetner, made from 100% fruit.

Mine are currently in the freezer as the perfect, protein packed, post-run snack :-).

You know how I said MOST of my day has been bad?....well the good bits, actually had the power to transform things completely. I'm currently on a high after finding out that I came second in Heathy's Summer Parfait Challenge. I'm soooo happy to have won a copy of her up and coming ebook. THANKYOU SO MUCH HEATHY AND COURTNEY!!

Anyway guys....I'll love you and leave you for now. You are all wonderful! :-) xoxo


  1. YAY for freezer cookies! I hope they make your day better :) Thinking of you! Congrats on coming in 2nd on the challenge!!!

    Pure2Raw twins

  2. gonna make these soon!
    Have a better day.
    Peace and Raw Health,