Friday, 2 July 2010

Spanish adventures

Hey :-)
I'm just sitting in the car after disembarking from the ferry. Current location -Devon. Our twenty hour crossing from Santander to the uk was pleasant. Only a little bit of rocking thank heavens! I'm really not good with bobbing boats! We saw dolphins by the dozens, watched "valentines day" in the little cinema and I munched on salad from the salad bar, whilst slurping on my new addiction -peppermint tea :-)
I feel a little sad as I type this blog because already I am missing the mountains and glacial streams that surrounded our magical campsite. Every morning I went for a run, surrounded by beautiful scenery, listening to water gushing in waterfalls down the mountainside......
....of course I have missed being at home at times. Mainly at night when zillions of bugs descended upon us! I love nature but I hate mosquito bites! :-) I also found it impossible to maintain a raw diet whilst in Spain. Even veganism is pretty tough, however, I took plenty of porridge, crackers and salad ingredients to keep me happy.
One of my favourite nights was spent in some nearby meadows, doing some macro photography. Photos to follow :-)
I hope you are all well. Has anyone got any exciting summer trips planned?
Wishing you all a wonderful day xxx

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