Thursday, 8 July 2010

Health store spree and salad monster

Hi guys!

How was your day? I'm feeling really inspired today.....I love those days when nothing gets you down and all the little things in your daily routine fill you with happiness :-) I just had a pretty normal day at work, a great pre-work run and a great workout post-work. I saw my friends, my colleagues and then came home to a hot bath and dinner. I was a salad monster tonight!

I also managed to pop into the health store tonight....they had some great offers on so I bought a few new things to try

1) Some hemp protein powder - with my marathon coming up in October, it's tiime to up the mileage and add a bit more protein into my diet. I thought I'd give this veagn version a try :-)

2) Pumpkin seed butter

3) Almond butter

4) Flaxseed with cocoa and berries - I thought this might make a great addition to my post workout/breakfast smoothies

As for my salad bowl, it was full of soya beans, orange plum tomatoes, little gem lettuce, yellow peppers, alfalfa sprouts, sundried toms and a vegannaise dressing - not raw but yummy all the same!

What are your plans for the weekend girls? I'm totally excited because "Eclipse" is released in UK cinemas tomorrow!!! Yey!!!

Love and hugs xoxo

1 comment:

  1. Love your shopping items : ) All great picks!!
    We went and saw Eclipse last night...loved it!!!
    Pure2raw twins