Thursday, 16 September 2010

Raw days, happy days

Hey girlies! :-) There's one thing I can say for sure now that my diet consists of mainly raw, living foods....raw days are happy days!! I'm beginning to realise that all the talk about the "raw glow" and the bountiful raw energy is absolutely true. Despite my blip at the weekend I can safely say that the green smoothies are kicking in!! :-) I can feel my brain fog clearing and my mood rising on the moodometer :-)

Dinner tonight was roasted squash, salsa and cucumber rounds - simple and tasty. Lunch....a sloppy avocado pudding. Still yummy tho ;-)
Breakfast - fig and grape juice. Tres nice!

Ooops! I totally posted everything the wrong way round today. Dinner first, breakfast last :-s
Workout today:
- 6 mile run before work
- 1 hour gym sesh after work (hill climber for 45 mins and arm weights 15mins)
A pretty good day if you ask me! Now must go and dry my soggy wet mullet!!
Hugs x x x


  1. YAY! SO glad that your are doing much better and that raw foods is helping you out ;) HUGS all around!

    Pure2raw Twins

  2. fig and grape juice sound yummy! happy to hear you had a good day! xo