Sunday, 12 September 2010

My little dude

Hi guys....I hope you're all well. This is my little dude. He's currently on my bedside table gently changing from green to blue to purple. My boyfriend bought him for me last week - a children's lamp from Ikea - so relaxing :-)

I'll be honest with has been a bad day. I'm currently sitting in bed, the place that I've spent most of the day. I've slept and cried and slept some more. has been pretty awful.

For anyone that has suffered from depression at any point, you'll understand me when I talk about the sadness of a wasted day. Today the sun was shining so brightly, it was warm outside - the perfect day to celebrate - and yet I was in bed feeling blue. I couldn't even force myself to get up and smile at the thought of a great day ahead. Low self esteem, low body confidence, day to day stresses and a tendency to worry have recently started to reak havoc upon my life. I know what is happening to me....I've been here before. In fact, I was on antidepressants for some time....I definately don't want to take them again. I just need to pick myself up.

How do you help yourself feel better on bad days?

On the plus side, throughout this week, I've been gradually transitioning to a higher percentage of raw in my diet. My low mood of late has been making me tired and reach for more caffiene. In the last week I ditched it and have been starting the day with a green juice or smoothie instead. My hydration has improved and my tummy certainly feels more comfortable.

Last night I made a cucmber lasagne and roasted squash squares based on recipes by my favourite twins at My boyfriend and I both enjoyed these and we both agreed that it was one of the nicest things we've had in agggeesss! Thankyou girls for once again being an inspiration :-)
Right....more sleep I think. I am officially the incredible sleeping woman x x x


  1. Yum makes me want lasagna now! Sooooooo happy to hear that you enjoyed it, that makes us so happy! Sorry to hear that you had a bad day. Believe me I know what you are going through, both Michelle and I have depression, but are doing much better and I know you will too! I know the bad days are very difficult to snap out of but hang in there, and keep your head up!!! I wish I was there to give you a BIG HUG!
    We love you! xoxo
    Just remember you are not alone! That helps us sometimes :)

    Pure2raw Twins

  2. I know the sleeping thing very well. Darling girl, you are definitely not alone, and I am so glad you stopped by my blog so I could discover yours. Hugs to all three of you girls (twinnies included!)

  3. I just found your blog. I'm so glad to see that you're drinking some green smoothies. I feel so good when I drink those and I hope you do too.
    If I eat sugar products, I get severely depressed and pissed off, for no reason! So be careful with those, if you like your sweets.

    I love the little dude. :)
    Wishing you better days,