Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Hi guys!!
I'm so excited because I'm gonna join in the "Moonie Pie Challenge" :-) I guess many of you will have heard of the famous MOON PIE from "One Lucky Duck" in NYC......well, dessert queen extrordinnaire, Heathy Pace has come up with 3 fantabulous "Moonie Pie" recipes for you to try. Check out http://www.sweetlyraw.com/ and join in the fun challenge that she's come up with...so great!
Anyway.....I kinda slipped out of raw world for the weekend as it was my best friend's hen party. We had a great time but my body can definately tell that it needs more green stuff inside it! I was craving a big salad the whole time!
I'm off for a long run now....will be back later with some new piccies :-)
Loves x0x0

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