Thursday, 11 November 2010

The Little Things

There are a few little things that keep me right. You know the little things that make you feel free, happy and content?

Like eating fresh, juicy strawberries (or even better going strawberry picking and eating more than you take home :-)

Like making healthy treats like these date and walnut truffles :-)

Painting at 4am

Taking pictures of the natural world

And the thing that sets me free the most.....dancing
What are your "little things"?
Much love xoxo


  1. love this post! pretty painting! i'd love to learn to paint.


  2. awww love this post! It is so important to slow down and remember the small things, because usually they are truly makes us happy!!

    right now my small thing, is sitting down and actually enjoying every sip of my coffee...opps, while I catch up on blogs, haha

    Pure2raw twin