Sunday, 26 July 2009

Cut it out!

Hey guys!

Yeyyyyyyy! I'm so excited :-) I've just placed an order for a dehydrator. I'm itching to get going in the kitchen! In the meantime I will continue on my raw quest with a food processor and ice cream maker to my name :-)

I've had a really great week actually. Raw foods have been the centre of most meals and I've noticed a reduced urge to snack after work. I've been doing more pilates and yoga and feel slightly more at ease with myself than last week. I guess I feel calmer :-)

This week I'm going to transition to purely raw breakfasts. Some nice, fresh fruit each day should do the trick........oh......and I'm going to ditch caffiene. Herbal teas and headaches all the way! Every time i give up tea and coffee, I feel great. However, I've been known to reach for a coffee at work when he going gets tough. Definately not the best solution. I'm currently sipping on a raspberry tea, supposedly good for muscle cramps.
The picture shows my first attempt at some raw "truffles". All you have to do is blend dates and almonds together, preferably in eqaual amounts and then shape into balls. Voila! These are great for an energy boost just before or after exercise. to sleep now. Can't wait for dehydrator days! xoxo

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