Thursday, 17 June 2010

Late to bed, Early to rise

Well I didn't think I'd be able to wake up this morning, after my spell of late nights and yet here I am having woke up an hour before my alarm, sipping a cup of hot water with lemon slices :-)

Here's the painting I was inspirerd to paint earlier this week. A sunny seascape for my surgery. It reminds me of a little scottish island called Iona that I visited a few weeks ago. Happy times :-)

After reading "Raw Magic" I decided to purchase some Dulse. I'm normally a bit funny with sea vegetables because I think they taste like the smell of fish! On this occasion, however, I quite enjoyed the mild salty taste....not fishy at all so a great addition to future salads.
Right girlies.....gonna add 30mins onto my morning run....
With love xoxo

The Raw Magic Cupboard :-)

It's really late again and I've just finished tidying my kitchen cupboards. Man! Why do I always get the urge to clean so late at night?! Here's my raw magic has lots of magic things inside it ;-)
Recent additions to my raw food kitchen have included: raw oat groats, buckwheaties, raw pumpkin seed butter and chia seeds. I am looking forward to playing around with chia creations :-) Oooh and I picked up some amazing looking Eternitea tea from - coplete with reishi mushrooms, gojis, cinammon and schizandra berries, it'll make a wonderful warming treat - reviews to follow :-)
Lots of love to you all xoxo

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Hi all :-)
It's just past midnight and I really should be getting to bed....just wanted to say a quick hello. I'm loving reading everyone's blogs each day....the world really has some wonderful people in it :-)
I've been experimenting more in my raw kitchen and the dehydrator has been on a few times in preparation for my holiday to Spain. I've just picked up a great idea from the twins' blog - the mason jar salad. Fab! That way I'll be able to carry a healthy lunchtime salad with me each day :-)
I must head to bed but I'll post some piccies tomorrow
With love xoxo

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Christmas comes early!

Hey there! I can't believe it's Sunday night again....well actually Monday morning! How time flies. I hope you've all had a great weekend.
I've had a lovely day. I had a great workout this morning, a gym session followed by the best aerobics class ever! It was brill!
After that I was buzzing so decided to use my new found energy to tackle the shops and hunt out some holiday clothing. I usually hate holiday shopping - I know - strange for a girl - but today I loved it! I had so much fun trying on new things :-)
I also finished the mince pies that I started a few days ago. I know it's not christmas yet but I saw the recipe on www.coxetersfayre and thought my boyfriend would love them. He could eat mince pies all year round! I haven't had one yet but I've tasted the filling and it's delicious :-)
I made a few modifications to the recipe:
- ground buckwheaties
- soaked and dehydrated cashews ground into a flour
- leftovers nut pulp from almond and sesame mylks
- raw honey
Fill silicone moulds with the mixture, and dehydrate overnight
- gojis
- juice of 1 orange
- juice of 1 lemon
- peel of 1 orange
- lots of cinammon!
leave for all the fruit to absorb the juice and fill the cases with the delightful mixture once they are removed from the dehydrator :-)
Just been painting....feel so relaxed now.
Goodnight everyone xoxo

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Weekend bliss :-)

Just munching on my breakkie before heading into to town for a workout/spinning and a spot of holiday shopping. Need to find some new sandals as one of my current pair has vanished into a black hole!
Yummm! Buckwheaties, gojis, pollen, a few cocoa nibs, almond mylk and soy lecithin. Oh and some maca power!! All washed down with some summer fruits herbal tea :-)
I ordered some things from and now I'm ready to make some truffles for my dad's birthday. He's diabetic so I'm gonna get him on the raw bandwagon :-) That'll be my job when England play their first match later today. My boyfriend will be in his little nest in the longe so I'll retreat to the kitchen and play around with some cocoa :-)
I hope you're all having a wonderful day,
With love x x x x

Tuesday, 8 June 2010


I just had a bite of my layer loaf from was yummy! So nutritious and tasty :-)
I've popped a slice in my lunchbox for tomorrow, along with a big beef tomato and a scoop of trail mix to munch on before my gym workout.
It's getting late here so I'll keep it short but I just wanted to say thankyou to all those wonderful people out there who take the time to create the fabulous blogs I love to read :-) You all inspire me to lead a happy, healthy and more fulfilling life. Pure2raw, Sweetly raw and Coxeters Fayre - you guys make me smile every day.
With love and gratitude x x x

Monday, 7 June 2010


Hi guys.....I've had the day off work today. Soooo good! Today has been good for several reasons

- I found some sprouted ground flax in the health food store :-)
- I had a great workout with a great friend
- I painted my toenails pink

- I had a monster raw sesh in the kitchen :-)

- I read some of Kate Magic's "Raw Magic".....
.......and buckwheat sprouted!! :-)

Yes I know I'm sad, simple pleasures and all, but after a few sprouting issues, my first successful batch of buckwheat sprouts are now sitting in the dehydrator. Buckwheaties here I come!

A pretty good day so far :-) Anyway, like I said, I had a pretty fab un-cooking session using my new found sprouted flax powder. I consulted one of my fave sites, and decided to try Laura's super-sounding layer loaf. I made a 3-layer loaf with the following ingredients

Layer 1 - broccoli, garlic, spinach, chives, ground flax
Layer 2 - red bell pepper, chilli, garlic, sundried tomatoes, ground flax
Layer 3 - beetroot, ground flax
As suggested, I topped with thinly sliced mushroom, mixed seeds and gojis. It smells lovely!
I also made a concious decision to drink more today. In "Raw Magic" Kate says we should drink lots! Therefore I'm glugging my way through my second bottle of water and can hear the chai tea calling!
I hope you are all well and having a lovely day, wherever in he world you may be :-)

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Cheers to Chai

Hey :-)

I'm just cuddled up on the sofa with my favourite blanket and a mug of chai tea - my current obsession. I love the stuff! It's been a pretty hectic day at work and even though it's almost midnight, I still feel like I haven't fully settled on the inside.

This last week I've been enjoying lots of big beef tomatoes and chunks of fresh pineapple. Yuuuummmmm! Ive been sprinkling my tomato wedges with pink salt to help replenish the salt I've been losing during my marathon training. I'm enjoying my running so much now that the weather is bright. here's my first ever raw loaf. It tasted pretty good although next time I'll be using milled linseeds to give a finer texture.

I hope you're all having a wonderful day xo